One of our giraffes is missing

Hornzy Twigs

Last night, Erica Fletcher of Roslindale reported from Logan Airport:

We lost our daughter's lifetime favorite toy today in Terminal B of Boston Logan, this adorable pink baby giraffe. Daughter is heartbroken. Name tag sticker says Thacher.

Tonight, she reported no good news on the fate of the giraffe, Hornzy Twigs, whose story has now echoed around the Twittersphere:

No news yet on Hornzy Twigs, the little baby stuffed giraffe lost at Boston Logan airport yesterday. The outpouring of support has been amazing!!! My daughter and I thank you all! #BringHornzyHome #HornzyTwigsismissing


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And they say...

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... the Globe has stupid stories.

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I don’t know ...

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... whether to commend UHub for providing less of a stupid story or commend the Globe for its in-depth reporting ie: “Fletcher said her daughter is “terrified” that another child might have taken Hornzy.

“She doesn’t like that idea of another kid having her,” she said.”

Now if UHub were to report rumors that Hornzy was trapped in a flooding cave, I could make up my mind.

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I know the family in question and they are a super sweet family. There is literally no reason for you to be so snarky other than to prove that you are a heartless wank. May the world show you the kindness that you show here.

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Oh, kindly go BIOYB, both of you.

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That creepy looking creature ..... is frightening. Look at the effect it’s had already on adults.
I wouldn’t want that anywhere near a child of mine.

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Again, STFU

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First you complained about shoddy reporting and that this isn't newsworthy.

Now you are claiming to be creeped out by a child's beloved stuffed animal. NOBODY said that you need to own one of those toys.

Is mustering one ounce of empathy for a 9 year old child who lost their favorite stuffed animal completely unfathomable to you? Or, you know, maybe just scroll by and not be a jerk unneccessarily? How about you just admit that you were looking for a reason to unleash your inner judgmental asshat?

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I think we've heard enough

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OK, you obviously have never had a child who lost a favorite item and so do not understand people who might be interested in such things. You've made that quite clear, no point in repeating it again.

And at the same time, other folks have made their opinions known as well.

So at this point, let's give this particular sub-discussion a rest.


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"I have nothing further to say, but I MUST HAVE THE LAST WORD!"

You're a piece of work. That much I do know.

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The eyes...

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...the eyes...they burrow into my soul and tell what must be done. Speak, Space Giraffe and I obey. I will do as you command.

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Was Airport Security notified?

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There's something peculiar about "Hornzy"!
(Or, shall we say, "Mars-y"?!)

As a frequent-flier customer, I'd be very nervous sitting next to him.
He doesn't look like the rest of us, like a normal passenger.
He has that look, like, at any moment he could just get unhinged, get radical & upset, rage, and then, well, you know......explode!

How did he manage to pass through the checkpoint?!

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Not always that easy to find a replacement

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My daughter had a favorite teddy and we happened to come across an almost-duplicate that we bought, just in case. She never lost the original and so to this day we still have "Pinky" and "New Pinky".

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...but people are dicks. SMDH at some of you.

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