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An open-air Uber

Uber scooter

Our own SwirlyGrrl spotted this guy on a scooter in Fort Point today.

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on scooter taxis. They get the job done.

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Spent a year getting around Kampala as a passenger on a scooter/motorcycles. It was fast, easy and only moderately dangerous. Just a matter of time before we do it here as our public transportation breaks down faster than an old Saab.

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Swirly was he cute and a nice guy? He may get a lot of female customers lookinh for a mate riding around in that thing.

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But people should be aware that scooters aren’t registered in Boston and its illegal to carry a passenger so the concept is a non-starter, at least at this point in this town.

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The illegal scooters are the motorized Razor-like thingees that one person stands on - not the kinds with real motors.

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I’m actually referring to the Mass DMV website on this. It’s pretty clear on registration of/passengers on motorized scooters. It’s definitely talking about the kind in that picture. I am a 2 wheel commuter as well. Have a look and let me know what I’m missing.

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I misread your comment. Yes, I think the sticker is a joke (or maybe, as somebody else noted, it means the guy rides for Uber Eats).

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Probably an ubereats courier

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Uber operates (or at least used to operate) scooter hailing services in many countries. It's just like the Uber you know and hate here, but they pick you up on a scooter, not in a car.

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