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Orange Line commute was a frustration due to signal woes at Oak Grove station

At 7:37 a.m., the T reported that it had fixed signal problems at Oak Grove and that "regularly scheduled service" had resumed. At 8:46, Kristen W reported: Nope.

Horrible delays on the Orange line today...and some cars aren’t even opening?

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It must have broken down because the driver tried to put the air conditioning on. I swear that's why I've been ending up sitting in a sweltering ride home from to Forest Hills every day. I've become accustomed to it, though. I bought myself one of this dollar store hand-held fans and I keep bottles of water in the freezer at home and at work, grab it before I leave for the day and going home for the evening. Just some advice to all my fellow Orange Line to Forest Hills riders.

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Tons of additional rail to bus traffic. Same crap service. New Orange Line vehicles are worthless on tracks that haven't been upgraded since the 70s. And to make matters even worse. You know what MassDOT, Rep Katherine Clark, Rep Mike Capuano, Medford Mayor Burke, and Somerville Mayor Curtatone pitch as a solution to the Wynn apocalypse? Extend the Green Line Extension (GLX) to the Mystic Pkwy. Nobody, I mean nobody, wants to deal with the doldrums of maintenance and repair. Let's just build anew while the existing system crumbles. Score political points, avoid reality.

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The Southwest Corridor opened in 1987. The signal system on the northern end was rebuilt around 15 years ago.

With the new Orange Line cars adding capacity and being more reliable, I don't have a problem with people riding the train to the casino. Overloading buses and general road traffic are another story. The solution: a pedestrian bridge from Assembly, paid for by the casino.

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Nothing says world class luxury like riding the Orange Line to the casino. (I say this a daily orange line rider).

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Only the A line is closer to the casino.

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Especially if you can take transit to the same location? I think not. Besides, an open air ped bridge will cause more problems than benefits. When drunken lewd casino goers flood anti-casino Assembly Row Somerville. You can fill in the rest

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Mass has $20 billion+ in debt from the Big Dig and a $8 billion repair backlog. Guv Baker is using an imaginary $1 billion for the Green Line Extension until Nov 2018. Only cuts, no add-ons will due. Baker and his lunatic transport secretary should have developed a casino plan three years ago. Instead, they're going to deal with the fallout after the election.

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Whatever will you obsess about then?

Any luck getting Presley on board with your anti GLX crusade?

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If this country is willing to build a crazy sky spaghetti spur for one trolley stop in Boston's suburbs, it can build a smaller straight forward subway spur to the casino complex. The entire Orange Line from Sullivan to Back Bay's Amtrak stop should be repaired, gleaming, and ready to go for millions of additional Boston visitors

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I'll make it easy for you. Here's Wikipedia.

Now count how many stops are being constructed.

Now explain to the class why the Commonwealth should be spending the money to run a railroad to a private company's campus.

I didn't see your support for the casino proposal that already has it's own subway station, so I'll just mark you down as doing what you do.

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When she touts the so-called transit equity benefits of the Green Line Extension, does she not realize how many transit equity projects in Boston were cut by Baker Co to pay for the GLX? Does she not realize the GLX is causing outrageous gentrification? Does she not realize how this is crushing Tufts students?

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It's weird how the entire Massachusetts Congressional delegation, the governor, the mayor of Somerville, and pretty much everyone along the line except for the people in your condo complex, are supporting this project.

So what did Pressley say when you asked her if she supported the project?

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She seems to be in the same fog

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