Park Street signal woes means Red Line ride blows

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on the Red Line due to signal problems at Park Street.

Travis reports:

Our commute on the #RedLine is taking so long today because of delays, there are people who are actually doing yoga on the train because they're going to miss their morning workout class. What a time to be alive.



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When I heard the MBTA announcement that you should consider adding 20-30 min for your commute, I didn't really think that meant "just count on being 30 min later every day."

I understand it's winter and there will be occasional issues, but just saying that there might be problems does not really excuse the countless problems that actually occur. The worst part is 2/3 days this week I have left 20 min early and still been 45 min late and 20 min late on those days.

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Nothing to worry about

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They polled 500 people who either live in Springfield and haven't seen anything bad on the news, or live in Chelmsford and successfully took the Green Line to a Bruins game a month ago, and determined that the T is doing just fine, so I don't know why we're all so riled up about a few massive failures here and there.

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Well, welcome to Boston

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A lot of us were here back in 2015. I know, I know. 3 years is a long time, but my guess is that when asked the question that was asked, respondents did look back to that time, and only 3% thought that the T has been doing a worse job this winter than then.

Also, the survey was probably conducted over the weekend or on Monday at the latest. The 45% who answered “better” may have dropped by now, but odds are they migrated to “same”.

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