Passengers helped free woman trapped between Orange Line train and platform by pushing on train

The woman who got her leg trapped between an Orange Line train and the platform at Massachusetts Avenue yesterday afternoon had a bit of luck - another passenger had just seen a video of people freeing a man in a similar predicament in Australia by pushing the train just enough to get him out, and directed other passengers to give a good push.

Pete Shamon was on the train when the woman somehow got trapped around 5:30 p.m. About 10 to 15 other passengers agreed to give it a try. His wife Deb reports "the movement of the train was very minor," but enough to get her leg out.



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Pete we need more people like

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Pete we need more people like you riding the train. What can I do when there's no AC on the Orange Line on a daily basis and riders are on the verge of collapsing? Help me Pete!! HELP

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No ac? You need to get off

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No ac? You need to get off that train. Immediately. Trust me, I saw a video on the subject.

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This sounds way too familiar

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Down to you originally reporting that the Friday incident occurred at State Street.

Glad to read of a better result. Perhaps more of us should watch the video.

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If climate change continues unabated,

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it could very well reach the point of India, or Perth, Australia. Glad the man was saved from a serous injury and managed to escape with the help of a whole bunch of other people.

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Same once at Ruggles

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I witnessed a similar incident at Ruggles a couple of years ago and not that long after the Australian incident.

A woman with a walking disability got her leg stuck between the car and platform. A passenger got everyone off the car to lighten the load and they all pushed at the same time to rock the car away from the platform thus freeing the woman.

It's worth noting that this was a passenger incentive. I did not see any T employees immediately. By the time I got down the stairs to the platform the woman was freed and had been moved ot a bench to sit and about then T employees started to show up.

With the person freed the train re-boarded the people and went on its way.

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Ugh! My god!

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The fact that the United States of America, the richest country in the world, yet, has no comprehensive Single Payer with Universal Healthcare/Medicare for All Americans, is absolutely mind-boggling--and beyond disgraceful! It goes to show how our government doesn't give a wet rat's ass about anybody, especially the poorest and most vulnerable here in this country.

Had (then) President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress gone back to the drawing board, really put their heads together and concocted a genuine healthcare reform bill in the form of Single Payer with Universal healthcare/Medicare for All Americans, or at least with a public option, things would've been way different.

Unfortunately ( I hate to say this), however, this is part of the reason that we ultimately ended up with Donald Trump as President: Barack Obama wasn't that good a President, and Hillary Clinton was neither a good Secretary of State or a good Presidential Candidate. Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are totally to blame for Donald Trump's ascent to the Oval Office, but they did both definitely play a part.

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Why Should Anyone Be Complaining About Health Care Costs?

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Paul Ryan's tax cut recently enacted by the Republicans resulted in a huge increase in take-home pay for even the lowest wage workers.

Surely, the extra money everyone is now receiving is more than enough to purchase top-quality insurance and cover all co-pays — with money left over to buy a Costco membership!

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