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Poetry slams, podcasting and a gathering spot for writers coming to the Seaport

The mayor's office reports GrubStreet, which offers creative-writing classes, has been awarded space in a Fan Pier luxury condo building to create "a literary destination with year-round programming."

Separately, the city said it will provide training support to Cross Cultural Collective, a new group of black artists, to help it work towards opening its own center in the Seaport.

GrubStreet plans to use its new space at 50 Liberty Dr. - to which the developer, the Fallon Co., is giving $329,150 towards construction costs - for:

A narrative arts center at 50 Liberty featuring a bookstore, cafe and community space for writers, a podcast studio, as well as classrooms to expand GrubStreet's workshops. It will also feature an event space for readings, slam poetry, storytelling events, and shows that combine words with music and dance.



re-open Curious Liquids across from the Statehouse you dolts. The space is finally available again!

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Boston needs this. The arts are underfunded in the city and there is a shortage of space for readings and exhibitions outside the large museums and universities.

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