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Police arrest man they say got on the Red Line and threatened to blow up the train

Mark King

Transit Police report arresting a man they say got on the Red Line at Charles/MGH last Tuesday morning and "stated he would blow everybody up."

Police report Mark King, 55, of Boston, was nabbed Friday afternoon at Davis Square by an alert officer who noticed a guy who looked a lot like the photo on a wanted poster circulated after the Tuesday incident:

The officer engaged King in conversation and displayed the Wanted Poster to him and inquired if he knew the individual shown. King responded the person did look like him however the photo, King asserted, "could have been photo shopped". King was indeed the person displayed in the Wanted Poster and was placed into custody.

King was already wanted in Brookline on charges of larceny and threats to commit a crime, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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or did he just "blow up" a bag of weed?

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Outstanding job by the transit cop he saw something and did something on the moving asylum known as the MBTA.

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