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Police continue to investigate why someone would want to shoot at an MIT frat house

State Police report they and MIT Police are trying to figure out who sprayed several rounds in the area of the Phi Beta Epsilon building, 400 Memorial Drive, sometime before 10 a.m on Tuesday.

Troopers responded to that location at approximately 10 a.m. Tuesday after MIT Officers located shell casings in the area of 400 Memorial Drive. The MIT Officers were re-canvassing the area when they located the casings; an initial shots-fired call in that vicinity was received by State Police and MIT Police at approximately 1:15 a.m. Tuesday but responding patrols did not locate evidence of a shooting at that time.

After the casings were discovered, State Troopers and MIT Officers conducted a further search of the area and located several more shell casings. Further investigation determined that rounds struck two windows, a tree, and a parked and unoccupied sport utility vehicle at several buildings along that stretch of the campus.



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Nice opening for trolls to comment on why someone would NOT want to shoot at an MIT frat house. I won't go there, but I'm sure someone can come up with a quick list of fairly obvious reasons

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I will guess out of anger and jealousy. Poverty versus Opposite of Poverty? And that is my sincere feeling as to why it happened. I don't think my honest feeling should be considered trolling.

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If trolls had honest opinions, would stating those opinions be trolling?

Counterfactuals aren't really very interesting, though. It's kind of like asking "if day was night, would it be darker?"

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nice poor blaming here.

Best Alternative:

1. We have no idea so why make assumptions?

But if you wish to go there:

2. Could be someone who just wanted to shoot a building for fun?

3. Could be someone who just wanted to shoot some rounds?

4. Could be someone who is a bit off and wanted to shoot a building, for fun
or not.

5. Could be a past graduate who hates MIT?

6. Could be a current MIT student who hates someone who lives there?

7. Could be someone who was aiming at something else and is a poor shot?

8. Could be someone who had too much to drink and got happy with his/her

From the report, the frat house was in the vicinity of all the shots and perhaps just happened to get hit.

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