Police: Red Line train strikes, kills man in tunnel just past Porter Square

Transit Police report a man died on the outbound side of the Red Line past Porter Square after he was hit by a Red Line train around 7 a.m.

Police say the man, 66, was about ten yards into the tunnel when hit. Police say foul play is not suspected.

The T set up a shuttle-bus service around the station, but the scene has since been cleared and service has resumed.



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Trespassing on the T

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How often do the Transit police check the tunnels, emergency exits and vacant rooms for the poor and the homeless who seek refuge from the cruel world above.

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Checking the Tunnels

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the T could check the tunnels 100x's a day and people would still find a way in after the 100th check. The tracks at Porter are outside, with many easy entry points. Any one who wanted to get on those tracks, could do so, easily.

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The tracks outside are the commuter rail. From the description, this was the Red Line, which is a deep-underground tunnel.

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Outside of the first ring of Hades perhaps. Ever take the escalator to the platform?

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In this day and age ...

Wouldn't it be possible to put a simple system in place that would trigger an alarm for non-train large fauna in the tunnel?

Anyone with alarm system knowledge know?

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I know Broadway station, and

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I know Broadway station, and possibly South Station, have tunnel alarms that were too easily triggered every time someone wandered to the very end of the platform. Lots of false alarms, maybe they’ve been shut off and stopped installing more of them?

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They do, I was waiting for a

They do, I was waiting for a red line train at Downtown Crossing a few weeks ago when a train came in and stopped before entering the station. A T worker got down on the tracks and was looking into the areas before the platform started. It looked like the trainman thought someone might be down there.

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How often do they check the tracks on the T

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To be honest i know for a fact the tracks emergency exits are actually checked more then people think. The mbta instruction dept. Actually uses porter tracks and exits very often. When training fire fighters and transit police. Also they are randomly checked by supervisors. You will be surprised at how many people ecspecially homeless people and teens make their way onto the tracks. Its just a sad situation all together.

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