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Police say cops looking for suspect breaking into West Roxbury convenience stores collar a guy from Roslindale

Boston Police report officers on patrol early this morning collared a guy they say they'd spotted trying to break into Marino's Market & Deli, 1906 Centre St.

Police say the officers were specifically looking for a suspect responsible for a spate of break-ins at convenience stores along Centre and Spring street over the past three weeks. This includes Marino's, which police records show was broken into on Jan. 23.

Police say the officers spotted German Serrano, 37, of Roslindale, outside Marino's around 1:45 a.m., "facing the front door with a bag at his feet" and appearing "that he was using his body to shield his actions."

Serrano tried to evade the cops:

When officers approached to investigate, the male took off running onto Parker Street where officers lost sight of him. Additional units responded to the area and set up a perimeter. With the assistance of BPD K-9 “Duke,” officers were able to track the suspect several blocks, where the dog and officers observed him sliding out from beneath a parked car. The K-9 also indicated on a crowbar, a tire iron, and a t-shirt while tracking the suspect.

Serrano was charged with attempted breaking and entering (nighttime, non-residential) and possession of burglarious tools, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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I believe the PD report should be referencing Park Street. Parker St is a long way from there.

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The store is literally at the corner of Centre and Park.

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