Police say man is breaking into Charlestown apartments early in the morning

Boston Police report the man already wanted for breaking into an Old Ironsides Way apartment and indecently attacking a woman there on Jan. 16 is also a suspect in a Decatur Street break-in around 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Police say they are looking for a black man, about 20, 6' tall with a thin build, who wore dark clothing and lifted several items from the apartment.



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Is this a BHA building? Sue

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Is this a BHA building? Sue their ass for not securing the building.

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Deleted a comment

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That was an entire reprint of this article about the financial status of the One Charlestown project from the Patriot-Bridge.

Yes, fair use allows you to reprint stuff from another source in certain conditions. However, simply reprinting an entire article is, if nothing else, unfair to the original copyright owner, especially in this day of links (like the above), and I shouldn't have published the comment that reprinted the whole thing.

If you find something interesting on the Web, by all means link to it, even highlight a paragraph or two that illustrates whatever point you're making, but please don't just copy and paste the whole thing - unless you have permission from the article's author.

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