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Police seek help finding person who killed teen on a T bus 10 years ago

Devonte Franklin

Around 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 31, 2008, Devonte Franklin, 16, was stabbed repeatedly on a Route 28 bus on Blue Hill Avenue at Harvard Street.

Even though there were numerous people on the bus at the time, Franklin's killer was never identified. Transit Police are asking "anyone with information, however slight," to contact them with information about his killer, by calling detectives at 617-222-1050 or by sending an anonymous text to 873873.



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The state police who were the lead agency in the investigation have given up the investigation and passed the baton to the Transit Police ten years after this vicious attack. Who investigates the incompetence of the detectives assigned to this murder of this poor kid.

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Omg is that true that this was originally handled by the state police and then passed on to the MBTA no disrespect to the MBTA and their investigative abilities however a collaborative effort would prove the better way to go.

I actually grew up with the family of Devonte. There are so many different tragedies linked to Devonte's final demise. I implore everyone to research his tragedies. I stand that Devonte did not deserve to die at all, especially on the MBTA bus full with Witnesses.

To all you witnesses that were on the bus and you know who you are it is time to tell the truth about the Devonte murder.

His mother a strong women of color, an African Queen she is a long-standing member of Mothers for Justice and Equality( please Google & learn about them). She has dedicated her life to preventing other mothers from experiencing the horrible tragedy of losing some to murder as she has lost her beautiful son. She's also there for other mothers once they have lost their children or loved ones. Day in and day out these active mothers mobilize for prevention and intervention of murder and homicides. I am so proud of these women so grateful for their actions so relieved that they are present.

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