Polly wanna cracker right on his chest

Man with parrot in Roslindale

So anybody lose a parrot in Roslindale today? Like on or near Canterbury Street? Because James Jones-O'Brien here was just relaxing in his yard, almost asleep, in fact, when all of a sudden this bird just landed on him, his wife, Angela, reports (after first taking the photo, of course).

They've since turned Polly over to Boston Animal Control, which has found a bunk for him or her at its shelter on Mahler Road in Roslindale. If the bird looks familiar, contact them at 617-635-1800 or [email protected].


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Not trying to be pretentious but wanted to let you know this is a cockatiel, not a parrot. We had 2 in my youth. White ones, like this one, are male. Grey ones are female. And they are really smart like parrots. Our male would catcall whistle when the doorbell rang. :)
Hope his owner finds him or this post.

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Cockatiels are parrots

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They are in the Cockatoo family, which is in the order Psittaciformes, or Parrots.

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A family dispute

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SamWack said:

They are in the Cockatoo family, which is in the order Psittaciformes, or Parrots.

Not anymore, according to the bird's current entry in Wikipedia:

"It was previously considered a crested parrot or small cockatoo; however, more recent molecular studies have assigned it to its own subfamily, Nymphicinae."

I have an idea, let's ask the bird:

"Say Polly, whose family are you in?"


Well, that settles it.

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You missed the part

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that said that Nymphicinae is a subfamily of the family Cacatuidae, the cockatoos. The new development is that it's not a mere genus, but deserves recognition as a subfamily. I'm sure cockatiels everywhere were cracking open a few sunflower seeds over that one.

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Aaw. Cute male (?) Cockatiel

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Aaw. Cute male (?) Cockatiel wants to find a new seed-daddy.
Other than their screeching, I like these critters.

The "Eew!" face is pretty hilarious.

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Is animal control competent in bird care?

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Not an insult, but a question of where best birds should be taken for shelter, care and re-homing?

I was thinking ARL or MSPCA, but never considered animal control.

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Aria the cockatiel is home safe and sound

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Thanks to this website, and the folks at Boston Animal Control, Aria the cockatiel is back at home!
The facility had a cage that would be ample for even a much larger parrot, and appropriate food.

Thanks, internet!

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