Possibly shocking scene at Alewife garage

Thing with long wire connected to Alewife garage

Presumably, that $5.7-million repair contract for the Alewife garage that should be starting soon will include doing something about circuit boxes or light fixtures dangling from one garage level to the ground, like the one Alewife Commuter spotted this morning.



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Thats low voltage phone.

There's a lot of

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There's a lot of infrastructure that runs or ran on old analog communications systems that aren't specifically telephones: phone lines for security systems, alarms, and even city water meters, older ATMs used analog modems over their own phone line, and so on. Those fire boxes you see around the city actually ran on a dedicated telegraph system.

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That circuit box looks a lot more suspicious than the Lite-Brite toy that resulted in the Moonite Panic of 2007 when the Transit Police discovered the toy at Sullivan Station.


A lot of things will hurt you

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But this telephone co. network interface will not. Most people have one of these in their homes or apartments.


In fact

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You could take a bath with one of these and the only way it would hurt you if you stepped on it getting out of the tub barefoot.