Public-affairs magazine giving up print for online

The current print issue of CommonWealth will be its last, editor Bruce Mohl writes:

The decision wasn’t easy. MassINC has been publishing the magazine for more than 20 years, but the growing success of our 9-year-old website and its various digital products has forced a re-evaluation of our priorities. The website has become our prime vehicle for reaching readers and an important part of the way public policy is explored in Massachusetts.



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I kinda knew.. but I read online.


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...I uhh... only read the dead tree version and didn't realize it was on-line. Excuse me, my buggy whip is showing....

It was always hard to find

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The only place I ever saw it was in Borders, and of course they are gone. I never saw it in B & N. Somebody will now say they saw it it B & N to prove me wrong.

Pretty good mag

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I was about to say I've only read it online, but I may have seen a couple floating around the gym or dentist office, too.

Good content that I'd expect U-Hub readers to appreciate. I hope they make it well in whatever format they choose.