Quincy landlord charged with snow rage

The Patriot Ledger reports that when one of his tenants asked him to move his car from his house's driveway during Tuesday's blizzard, he responded by flashing a gun at her. The landlord says the tenant shouldn't have been parked in the driveway to begin with.



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What a dufus

Get him for attempted car jacking (or whatever the legal equivalent is) too.

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I love the "made me do it" excuse

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Sounds like somebody really needs to grow up.

Real men don't brandish weapons and blame others.

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Is it a crime to answer your

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Is it a crime to answer your own front door while holding a gun in your hand? It sounds like that's all he did, or at least can be proven he did.

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Pretty sure

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that that constitutes a threat. It's a weapon. Do you often answer the door holding a gun? a spiked baseball bat? perhaps a sword?

Let's say he was perhaps preparing to clean the gun. Then if he were not intending a threat, he would secure the gun or at least *put it down* before answering the door.

Don't forget that she had already called, so he knew who was ringing the doorbell.

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