A railfan's dream at South Station

Amtrak inspection car at Boston's South Station

Ezra Freedman reports this Amtrak inspection car pulled in at South Station this morning next to a more mundane Needham Line train.

View of the entire car (via Daniel H. Cantwell).


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in paris

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the metro trains on the #1 line have a picture window in front. very nice, even in the tunnels. the train has no driver


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but all the newer cars in NYC have a full cab at the front and no window :(

Don't worry! He's not going

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Don't worry! He's not going to drive it! The car is pushed by a locomotive behind it.

People will sit at those desks to observe and make notes and observations on the state of the track and physical plant. They could talk on phones all day without affecting the operation or safety of the train. But I think this guy is just waiting for others to get to work.B