Red Line riders, it's time to beware: Yep, signal problems at Harvard Square

Of course the signals go out in a sweltering Friday rush hour on the Red Line.




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15 min delays? Yea right.

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15 min delays? Yea right. More like 15 minutes of standby at every stop. And they wonder why ridership is losing out to uber/Lyft? It’s because people have to get off the T and Uber to actually get anywhere on time. This city can’t even consider world class status until it fixes the train system.


it's coming

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in the past few FCMB meetings there's been alot of talk about just this. One of the projects in association with the new Red Line cars is upgrading the signals also. I believe the project was funded so its going to happen. Its just not going to happen overnight.

Am I supposed to know?

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What pray tell is FCMB? It's a bank in Nigeria but I'm guessing that's not what you are talking about.


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Still has nothing to do with the ridiculous claim that every last cent of new investment in the T is going into the GLX.

That claim is nuts. but

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There definitely is an imbalance. The last admin had a good balance. This one. not so much

3 bil 0 bil is a running joke down at the T

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Everyone knows that isn't the true breakdown, including myself. In reality, the GLX takes up around 45% of the 18-19 budget, which is crazy all by itself. The 3 bil 0 bil joke was born out of nearly everyone being reassigned to help with the GLX at one time or another. Things just got worse with the big CTPS reveal. Enough people called BS on the West Station CTPS modeling numbers, and Pollack had no choice but to admit the numbers (her numbers) were wrong. CTPS modeling was used as the foundation for Baker's GLX argument down in DC

CTPS bombshell

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Don't know about that joke. But the CTPS news? Whoa. Commonwealth Mag picked it up. Pollack stated publicly that CTPS data is trash; yet its been the basis for every major Baker admin transportation initiative. Someone get Elaine Chao on the phone. This administration is one for the ages. And I would have never read that comment if it wasn't for your response, so thank you

Um, NYC's subway is falling

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Um, NYC's subway is falling apart at the moment and having issues which make the MBTA and DC's systems look good.

NYC had one of the best run systems in the mid 1990s and early 2000s and unfortunately the management has deteriorated.