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Red Line train in smoke-filled South Boston tunnel evacuated; service grinds to a halt

The Red Line outbound is dead at Andrew Square due to what the T is calling a "power problem" - dead enough to try to get shuttle buses running between Park Street and Ashmont.

Thomas reports he was on the last car of a train around 11 p.m.:

We were evacuated in a hurry by an official who said the train was on fire, then corrected himself by saying there was a fire in front of the train.

Frank Severino reported "smouldering electrical equipment on tracks" between Andrew and JFK/UMass. Firefighters were using chemicals to fight the fire until the T could shut down power so that they could use water.

The T reports the smoke came from fire in a manhole just south of Andrew station - which heavily damaged five cables powering the Red Line. Once firefighters doused the fire, T workers began repairs to the power lines.




Please disperse.

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The MBTA is spending millions on studies.

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An official enters a train and announces the train is on fire as smoke fills the tunnel. How would the official handle the evacuation if mothers had small children in baby carriages on board. How would he evacuate wheelchair passengers, passenger with disabilities, and the everyday passengers who are passed out in their seats from an overdose. The T is a disaster waiting to happen and either the Governor or the Fire Department needs to shut the dred line down just like the Metro in Washington was shut down until they can assure the public it is safe to ride..

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This is courtesy of the two fools that run the Power Systems Maintenance department at the MBTA. We, the workers, can’t wait for them to leave. Two of the finest, most incompetent hacks I have ever come across.

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Thanks for that.

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