Remains of paper plant in Milton go up in flames

Boston firefighters in old mill building

Milton and Boston firefighters responded around 7:40 a.m. to what was left of the old Mattapan Paper mill on the Milton side of the Neponset behind the Price Rite.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries in the blaze at the former warehouse.

Mattapan Paper, which dated to a 1728 charter by the king of England, at once time covered much of the grounds on either side of the river.

After the plant shut down, a developer tore down most of the buildings on the Boston side and put up the beginnings of a new mall that now includes the supermarket and a bank.



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Tileston Hollingsworth

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Is that the Tileston Hollingsworth building?

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Same complex

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But different building. That one was on the Boston side of the river.

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Hyde Park Question

Does anyone know what happened to the plaque honoring the workers at the mill who served in WWII that used to be outside the larger of the mill buildings? It was mounted on a rock, not to the building.

I know it was there in 1995, but sometimes things get lost (on purpose) with demolitions.

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This area is HP

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Adam. This area is super Hyde Park, Hyde Park Mattapan border is tileston street or at least that bridge over he commuter rail for rule of thumb. I lived on that street. The plaque memorializing world war vets disappeared in between Demolition and repaving river street. 2007-2011..

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I'd been using Wood Ave. as my dividing line; guess I need to move that a bit to the east.

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Border Stone

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The Border Stone that divided Boston (Dorchester) from Hyde Park is still there on River St between Rector Rd and Caton st...The Post Office started calling that area Mattapan (which was a neighborhood of Dorchester). For years people fought to have Menino get the area back to being called Hyde Park. Check it out.

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