Remember that train bridge in Westwood that the state gave more clearance to so trucks would stop ramming it?

It didn't work.

Or maybe the state is using the Calvin and Hobbes method to determine the clearance needed.



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a favorite

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That has always been one of my top C&H strips. Right up there with the one about black and white photography.

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Not done yet.

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The new bridge was installed higher than the old bridge, now 12ft instead of 10.5ft I believe. The work of lowering the road, which will yield a 13.5ft vertical clearance hasn't been done yet. At that point there should be very few collisions as 13.5ft is the legal max height in MA (over 13.5ft is a "overheight vehicle"). Yes, in the future someone with an overheight vehicle will strike the bridge at the final clearance of 13.5ft. No, it doesn't matter how much signage there is, some truck drivers don't read the signage.

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The question has to be asked

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Is there signage saying 12"?

Frankly, I am hoping that the signs still say 10.5 until the job is done, since that will lessen the chances of things like this happening. My fear is that they took the signs down. I haven't been out that way since the reconstruction began in earnest. I should go out and take a look.

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Interstate Standard

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13'6" on local highways.

This guy would have slammed into stuff on the freeway if he's hitting here.

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