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Revamped Roslindale Dunkin' Donuts droppin' the donuts, at least from its name

Just Dunkin'

Workers have been busy on Washington Street near West Roxbury Parkway revamping the drive-up Dunkin' Donuts as a plain Dunkin', part of the chain's longstanding attempts to get us to try more of its non-coffee/non-donuts stuff.

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They shouldn't use DD on the other sign, maybe :D would work.

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Go ahead and drop donuts from the name, but the coffee still tastes like flavored chemicals.

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Is this a hipster thing?

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So...you build a chain of donut shops by providing donuts and coffee then you drop the donuts.
Next,you drop the coffee.
The you re-brand as a Vietnamese/Thai faux take out joint venture with Uber joint.
Yeah...I love all the Business School MBA thinking...

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It's still a glorified drive thru .
I'd be more impressed if Dunkin Brands redesigned this location to fit in with the neighborhood better. How about more seating area in side?
How about reconfiguring the property so the drive thru traffic it generates doesn't back up because no one can make the left turn out the parking lot on to Washington Street.

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that they are so poorly designed? It's like they consistently hire the least competent architects and engineers to lay out these things.

Of course, 99% of all drive thrus are unnecessary and could - and should - just be eliminated.

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