RMV urges people to stay away next week

It's not that Registry workers don't love the public, it's just that people seem to use vacation week as a time to do their Registry business and, well, with memories of last month's long lines still fresh in mind, the RMV would just rather you do your business the following week if you can.

During an ordinary year, RMV centers on school vacation days see a high number of customers but next week will be especially busy with offices only open four days not five, and with each customer’s transaction taking longer on average than ever before because of the new federal and state requirements for more documents per customer to be validated. If people wish to take care of an RMV transaction between April 17 and April 20 we welcome them but they should go online to get informed and to find out where the shortest waits may be on a particular day.


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Great job Charlie!

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Chucking Farlie and his administration knew for a long long time that the new federal "real id" requirements were coming yet they apparently did little or nothing to add staff or change their systems to deal with it. So everyone suffers, including the state workers on the front line who have to manage this mess.

Yet according to the polls the majority of you citizens of the Commonwealth think he's a great governor. I, for one, think he's a fraud.

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They changed their systems

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Which is part of the cause of this problem. They also claim to have hired more staff.

But sure, it's all Baker's fault. He should have seen this coming, just like Patrick and Romney should have seen this coming. Or he could have punted this to the next administration like his predecessors, except that the bill is coming due in 2020 when the old state IDs and licenses would no longer be accepted.

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planning for a system upgrade is Information Technology 101

Any manager that can't do this in his/her sleep should be horsewhipped.

Part of the job of an IT Executive is to plan for upgrades. There are hundreds of how-to's out there to help and, the software vendor should have assisted. This is just an example of poor management and ineptitude.

There are many important pieces to this task. At a high level, the major tasks are planning and testing. Getting the business users involved at the start of the process is critical, for training and test planning. By the time you go live, the users should know the system cold.

If you go live before you are ready, disaster follows.

Shame on the RMV IT department for not doing their job. They should know better.

I was recently discharged from my job because my projects were 'late'. I was given absurd deadlines that were unachievable. The upgrade project was delayed due to other priorities, and I adjusted the schedule accordingly. My team delivered the complete upgrade with no interruption to business processes - that is a VERY big deal.

But I lost my job because my boss thought it was more important to meet some arbitrary date, rather than to deliver a quality product.

P.S, - if anyone is looking for an IT business analyst/project manager who is a good planner, teambuilder and great testing manager, please let me know. Thanks!

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Sometimes you have a contract

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Sometimes you have a contract with a vendor with dates hardcoded in it, because time is money. And then you're stuck with those dates.

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The RMV needs a modern check

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The RMV needs a modern check-in solution. With one of those, motorists can check-in electronically in the morning, and get notified with when their expected wait is down to half an hour. Better to wait at home for five hours than to wait at the RMV office for two hours.

One software vendor they could use is Qless but there are many companies that offer the same service for the DMV in other states.

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But without government

Who would charge taxpayers a sunk cost for personnel and then tell customers that they shouldn't come use the service?

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A Well Run Business

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I'd love a warning that something I'm about to do is going to be crowded and I could wait a few days and avoid the rush. That's a hot tip.

This message isn't a mandate being broadcast on State TV. I'm sure plenty of people won't hear the warning, or will need to go anyways and they will have to wait in that long line you were whining about the other day.

BTW, Those "sunk costs" are people working their ass off all day with a full room full of customers.

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Not so sure

If they were "working their ass off" they would notice that part where it says "MA honors the laws of other states, with few exceptions" and look up the part where a title from another state that says SURVIVOR of "person a" and "person b" means that Person A is the sole owner if a death certificate for person B is presented with the application to turn the title.

Anyone "working their ass off" would FUCKING READ the title, not say "we can't take this without a probate from MASSACHUSETTS" and "you have to open a probate in Massachusetts" for a person who died in a different state when the title says SURVIVOR.

Sorry. Not buying "working ass off". If anything, they are avoiding doing ANY work they can possibly make excuses not to do.

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Every driver in America is

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Every driver in America is severely under charged. They get welfare supplied by non drivers.

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Attention everyone

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Kinopio hates the idea of people driving their own cars to get to places of their own choosing.

Just in case no one was aware of that fact.

But Kinopio, why restrict yourself to America? Do you know that somewhere in North Korea, a Communist is driving an automobile paid for by the sweat of the average worker?

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Why more RMV activity on school vacation week?

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Using "vacation week" as a reason to avoid the RMV sounds like a ridiculous excuse by the Baker administration to cover their disastrous roll out of Real ID.

I'm curious why the RMV would be busier on school vacation weeks, other than the holiday making it a short week? It's only "vacation week" for a tiny percentage of RMV customers (public school staff and adult students). The RMV is certainly not a place that parents with small children would flock to. If anything, they would avoid it until the kids are back in school. If it's absolutely necessary for a parent to bring the kids to the RMV, wouldn't those numbers be offset by the teachers and families that are traveling for vacation and not around to use the RMV? It's not even the end of the month when registrations expire. This excuse is too incredible to be believed and should be investigated by the media, not regurgitated.

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If you had kids, you'd understand

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Imagine you have a third grader as your child. It's the third week in April. You can't just leave the kid at home to fend for herself, so you take the week off (or, in a fair world, both parents take a few days off adding up to a week.) Meanwhile, you've got to renew your license soon, or for some reason you have to renew your registration in person (which is BS, to be sure, but in this theoretical world you have to go to the Registry in person.) For whatever reason, you cannot do whatever you need to do online. Your options are basically take another day or portion thereof off to take care of the RMV business or grab the kid, make sure she has books or whatever she does to pass time, and head down to the local branch to get the thing done. Times that by the number of parents who have something coming due at the Registry and you see the problem.

The 4 day thing is a bit of a stretch, I'll grant you. I mean, baring the kid thing, you could get the business done the Friday before a Monday closure just as easy as trying to do it on Tuesday.

Oh, and I guess there is the theory that a bunch of teachers will be trying to take care of their Registry business next week, but I think we'll both agree that it's a stretch, too.

I have to renew my license later this year. I am planning on going in person to get the REAL ID stuff done, but I am also budgeting a day to do it. Sure, it will take an hour, but better safe than sorry.

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Well said.

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I'm not a parent, and even I can see that's obvious.

If you have to be out of work to take care of the kid, you do your postponed errands then and take the kid with you. Right? Right.

So now we not only get long lines at the registry, we get long lines with bored, tired, and screaming kids.

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Vacation week?

Gee, I wonder why people do things like:
Get kids their ID cards
Bring kids for their permit tests
Bring kids for their driving tests
Take care of other issues when they are not working because the kids are out of school ...


Could it be the fact that RMV offices don't have a lot of hours outside of typical working hours?


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