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Robber hits McDonald's in Roslindale, Roxbury

A man walked into the McDonald's on American Legion Highway in Roslindale around 2:45 p.m., ordered some chicken, then grabbed money out of the register and fled. About ten minutes later, a man walked into the McDonald's on Washington Street in Egleston Square and pulled the same stunt.

The suspect in the Egleston Square robbery was described as black, 5'9" or 5"10 and wearing a black pea coat, a black hat and light-brown Timberland boots. He was also described as walking like a penguin, either because of a knee injury or because of ice on the sidewalk.



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There certain things a bad guy can't change or don't : scars, backward walking motions and footwear, what have on their feet. Robbers more likely don't change their shoes.

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