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Roslindale to get Thai food again; new eatery will replace shuttered Chinese place

A cook from Thailand hopes to open Tasty Thai next month in the space formerly occupied by Seven Star Street Bistro at 153 Belgrade Ave.

Chris Lin, who ran and expanded Seven Star there over six years, announced the news today:

Wan and her husband have come from Thailand. I got a warm feeling the first time I met them and I know you will too! I am excited to pass on a family tradition to a new family who will embrace all of things that make Rozzie businesses great! Her menu is authentic, different, and interesting

Roslindale has not had a Thai place since Bangkok Cafe on Poplar Street closed six years ago.



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I welcome Thai food back to Roslindale.

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I'm looking forward to being a regular customer.

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Seven Star's hot and sour soup.

Looking forward to trying the Tasty Thai.

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What do people think of the 'modern' remake of that place down on Centre St in WR?

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which place?

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Went there once for takeout in their first week. Was edible, at least, nothing special, but maybe I should give them a second chance.

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