Roslindale mail winds up in the back of an SUV in a tow lot in Weymouth

The Patriot Ledger reports there's an SUV that's been sitting in Weymouth for a couple months filled with stacks of mail mostly addressed to Roslindale residents.



Looking forward to the next update

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They have the guy's pay stubs, so the "who" of who stole the mail should be pretty clear. The details of how a postal employee would (seemingly) end up living out of his car and stealing birthday card gifts is fascinating.


Do we know that it was stolen?

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The USPS uses private contractors. This guy may have been out on a route when he got towed and couldn't ransom the vehicle.

USPS does not use private contractors

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Everyone employed at USPS is a federal employee. Some are 'regulars' and some are PSE (postal service employees.) PSEs are 'contracted' year by year,while they wait to be 'converted' 'regular.' They are still federal employees, have union contracts, the whole nine yards. They are not private contractors.


Did you read the story

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The SUV got towed after a traffic stop. The driver of the SUV wasn't the same person named in the pay stubs.

Plus, while USPS does use private contractors for mail delivery, that practice is normally restricted to rural areas. Mail delivery in the Greater Boston area is done with USPS vehicles, and not with "Fred's Door to Door Delivery Service" like some companies (starts with A) do.

Next update?

Any deliverable mail gets delivered. Postal employee gets to pay for lots of missing a few years.

I've worked at USPS at a major distribution center

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And this individual's superiors at his work location, and their bosses at the huge USPS facility at Fort Point Channel, had to have suspected something nefarious was going on. I'd be really surprised the postal police (a federal police agency) weren't already aware of the situation prior to it being reported in the media. Interfering with the U.S. mail is a big deal, a federal crime.


How does THAT work?

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Fall back - Regroup

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Before we go over the edge... There are some private developments and streets in the Roslindale area that have tow truck companies under retainer to periodically patrol their properties and when an auto is illegally parked in a tenant space, that car is summarily towed.

The mail delivery person should have reported his/her car stolen with the mail bags within, especially is it was on board for delivery.

A compounding factor here is that a substantial number of mail delivery persons do not have a USPS truck to take on their route due to vehicles being poorly maintained or outright broken.

One delivery person I have seen on my route actually had a rental truck for several months because there were no USPS vehicles available. At other times he, and many other carriers simply elect to use their own personal vehicles. In my neighborhood such a person parks nearby and walks about 200-300 homes then returns to their car to get the next batch.

This is a very common practice since the volume of mail that a single carrier has to deliver in one day cannot be easily carried from the Roslindale station, and the routes, often 1-2 miles from that station, do not allow for returning there to get more and still try to have all mail delivered by 6 pm.

So whether there is truth to the mail being stolen is a matter for postal investigators to determine. It could have been negligence with a poorly parked car towed from an illegal space. Also keep in mind if there were outstanding fees on the car that is also reason for a police officer to tow it.

Many unanswered questions -- too many people jumping to conclusions.

Let's hope the lost mail is delivered soon and is not all that important.



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When you control mail you control....information.