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Man charged with Dorchester murder, five years after his acquittal for another murder

Boston Police report arresting Frederick O. Reynoso, 26, of Roslindale, on charges he shot Abran Castillo of Everett to death on Claybourne Street in Dorchester on June 5.

Reynoso was formally charged with both murder and armed robbery for the incident, police say.

In 2013, a Suffolk Superior Court jury acquitted Reynoso on a murder charge for the gunshot death of Christopher Pichardo in a shootout in a Trull Street basement in 2012.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Reynoso was a pot dealer whom two other men tried to rob and then shoot - while a getaway driver waited for them outside.

In a 2015 ruling on whether the getaway driver could be convicted of murder even if he was outside during the shootout, the Supreme Judicial Court described Pichardo's death in the basement after Reynoso's cousin, Jonathan Santiago, weighed and handed over a half pound of pot to Pichardo and his pal, Stephane Etienne:

Pichardo told Santiago that Etienne would pay him for the marijuana. Etienne dropped his cellular telephone to distract Santiago, and Pichardo then pulled out a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun from his waistband and told Santiago, "You know what time it is." Reynoso responded by pulling out his own .32 caliber revolver, and a gun battle between Pichardo and Reynoso followed in which from both weapons. A bullet struck Pichardo on the right side of his chest.

Etienne and Pichardo attempted to leave the basement, but Pichardo collapsed while still inside. Etienne took Pichardo's firearm and cellular telephone, as well as the marijuana, and ran to the defendant's vehicle, which was parked around the corner. Etienne and the defendant then returned to the basement and attempted to carry Pichardo back to the vehicle, but they were unable to lift his body. They ran back to the vehicle and left the scene. The defendant telephoned 911 from Pichardo's cellular telephone shortly thereafter to inform the police that Pichardo had been shot.

Although it acquitted him on the murder charge on self-defense grounds, the jury did convict Reynoso of unlawful possession of a firearm and distribution of a Class D substance.

Innocent, etc.



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