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School superintendent denies sharing student info with ICE

Soon to be ex-School Superintendent Tommy Chang issued a statement today that reads, in its entirety:

I'm taking the unusual step of speaking on a lawsuit we have not officially received yet because I want you to know how strongly we, as an organization, and I personally, as an educator and an immigrant, feel about protecting immigrant children. The allegation that has been made in news reports is that the Boston Public Schools (BPS) shared information with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that led to the arrest of a student. That claim is false.

Of course, there's information sharing and then there's information sharing. As WBUR reported back in January, it might have been more loose bookkeeping than active dime-dropping by BPS that led ICE to a student at East Boston High School.



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Every teacher will tell you that BPS does not track immigration status so why is City Hall staying silent on this one? It's obvious Marty timed this story on purpose.

City Hall needs to take their hands out of BPS so they can use them to fix pot holes again. We could build a memorial to Menino with all the car suspensions that have broken since Marty took office.

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I've read a few of the stories on this over the last week and it sounds like a school police officer provide a school police report to the Boston Police. The question is how that police report ended up in the hands of ICE. The fact that City Hall is staying silent on this one is infuriating. There are people saying that Tommy Chang and BPS is collaborating with ICE which is clearly not true but the absence of any information allows the rumors to go crazy.

Marty is taking advantage of a non-story to fire Tommy and has sensationalized this by doing so.

The mayor should be sticking up for his schools and not throwing them (and Tommy) under the bus.

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How many different law enforcement agencies received private information of students from BPS school police?

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