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Second Hailey murder victim identified

Boston Police have identified the second man shot to death at the Mildred Hailey Apartments on Friday night as Clayborn Blair, 58.

Blair and Chris Joyce, 23, were both shot behind 277 Centre St. around 9:40 p.m.

The Globe reports Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says both men were innocent victims of gang violence they had nothing to do with.



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Very sad.

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The BHA Police?
How many numbers are there now compared with 3 years ago?

What is the story with jurisdiction? Combining forces? Satellite hubs etc....

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In the unsafe and uncared about sections of boston, this is what we have to deal with. There is ZERO police protection for its citizens. But there are multimillion dollar construction projects with detail cops standing around making good money. They protect construction, but not life. Where are our $200,000 a year boston police ? Oh I know, there at the bank $$$... Serve & Collect not protect.

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Unless a cop has ESP... what could be done?

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