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For second time in a week, gunfire at Central Square location

Cambridge Police report at least one shot was fired in Parking Lot 5 at Norfolk Street and Bishop Allen Drive, around 2:30 a.m.

Police recovered one shell casing in the parking lot after the city ShotSpotter detected gunfire; no calls came into 911 and nobody showed up injured.

Around the same time and location on May 2, at least seven shots were fired following an apparent argument.

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From Boston to Cambridge Wake up Cambridge you have the upper hand at this time, seek consultation from your neighbors and City of Boston.

I truly believe that this could be a result of Boston's law enforcement and community policing in our neighborhoods. Boston criminals are realizing our officers and are the best in the country and our citizenry working with them. The residents of Boston and law enforcement have came a long way and there's a long way to go however the relationships are great. Criminals it's becoming increasingly difficult to commit a crime in Boston and not be punished for.

My thoughts are prayers are with all First Responders may you return home safely to your families and friends everyday.

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1) The dealers harass the alcoholic and druggie homeless who hang in and around Central Square.

2) Club and bar closing time

3) There's good video surveillance around the problem areas?

College students make great customers for dealers, as long as they're selling desired product.

4) Former county jail inmates from all over Greater Boston are very attracted to Cambridge and Central Sq.Many are homeless.

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Testing out illegal gun purchases?

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