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Seven-story apartment building for seniors proposed for Maverick Square

Architect's rendering of 191 Sumner Street in East Boston

Architect's rendering.

The East Boston Community Development Corp. has filed plans to renovate the four-story building it owns at 191 Sumner St. in Maverick Square and building a new seven-story, 42-unit building behind it.

Under the $18.7-million proposal, filed this week with the BPDA, the current senior and disabled residents of the building would be moved into apartments in the new building, with the rest of its units rented to seniors at "affordable" rates. The 17 current units would be renovated and rented as "workforce" housing, which generally means for people making up to 120% of the Boston area median income.

All of the units in the new building would have either one or two bedrooms. Also proposed: Eight parking spaces.

East Boston CDC says it will also rehabilitate the existing ground-floor commercial space in the current building, now occupied by Aries Communications, Metro Management Company and the Mexicali Sushi Bar. It did not specify if these tenants would have to move out during the renovation work.

The non-profit explains the benefits of the proposed project:

The proposed project offers the immense benefit of increasing the number of senior affordable housing units in Maverick Square. The EBCDC is acutely aware of the demand for senior affordable housing in East Boston as developers and managers of several elderly affordable housing developments in the neighborhood. There are over one-thousand households on the EBCDC’s waiting list for its elderly affordable housing developments. Moreover, the proposed project will create workforce housing in the heart of Maverick Square, adding a diversity of incomes and ages to development.

191 Sumner St. small-project review application (15.2M PDF).



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There are over one-thousand households on the EBCDC’s waiting list for its elderly affordable housing developments.

With all of the new housing being built in Boston, and the fact that the City Council's few limited powers and the BPDA's more expansive powers could dictate or at least influence set-aside affordable apartments for seniors in any building, that number is a disgrace. If we can't take care of our seniors here legally, that's terrible.

Of course with likes of illegal alien Auntie Zeituni Onyango Obama taking up a public housing, luxury waterfront apartment in Southie for years, we need ICE. When questioned by a rare, courageous local reporter as to why she had that apartment while many disabled veterans are homeless, she replied, "that's your problem."

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You're right. There are too many seniors on that list.

Too many families too. Too many veterans also. Too many disabled folks as well.

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Do you have a file folder to keep track of no longer relevant cases to bring up or have you memorized them all?

And seriously? Referring to any housing project in South Boston as "luxury"?

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Believe it or not there are occasions when I actually agree with Mr. Fish, but with this post he rivals Howie Carr for bringing up outdated and irrelevant people and situations. "Auntie" Zeituni has been dead for years and Obama is no longer president. Younger readers won't even get the reference, just as they wouldn't when Carr brings up irrelevant situations and people from the 60s and 70s, if they read him, which they don't. I come from the 60s and 70s and even I roll my eyes.

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Every social service program or 'entitlement' looks fantastic on paper (or online) until you inquire for a legitimately needy individual. Scandalous.

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If you were really a cop, there's not a single group of people who suck the public finances dry that your crew of hole watching, non-crime solving, pension padding lot. But you point the finger at everyone crying about waste of resources.

The States are the cream of the crop for police right? Enough said. Imagine that's your best and brightest.

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Talk about burying the lead.

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