Sign of the package-stealing times

Sign alerting delivery people to put packages around the corner

Jed Hresko spotted this conspicuous sign in Dorchester.






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That sign is________, no really what is it?

At least...

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At least the package stealers know where the packages will be.



Surveillance cameras. Maybe dogs trained to attack strangers who arrive without packages.


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They were going to install a security system, but the budget only covered the chain-link fence. And the nice sign.

UPS, Fedex

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and the like don't usually steal the packages themselves, perhaps due to the climate they work in.

I do have my doubts about Amazon's subcontracted couriers, and as they say, a fish stinks from its head

Amazon subcontractors are the pits

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Amazon subcontractors are the pits. They simply leave the package on the front stairs regardless of whether anyone is home or not. They have never rung my doorbell once. I have left signs asking them to ring the bell, or to leave the package in the entrance hallway which I leave unlocked for the purpose, But the signs consistently go unheeded and the package is just flung onto the doorstep. I repeat, Amazon subcontractors are the pits.


I don't know

...don't usually steal the packages themselves,...

I assume you're talking about the delivery drivers. I don't have any knowledge about them, but I used to live near a major UPS terminal, where they fill the delivery trucks. Terminal workers were frequently busted for stealing items large and small.

Need 2

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I was a sub contractor for Amazon. Lost that position because five customers out of 500 deliveries were missing. I loved my part time job it brought extra money to my household on my days off. I would never take from anyone but unfortunately some people do. I have seen ppl order packages to be delivered and a friend wants one too after seeing yours and they will report the package stolen or undelivered just to get a second one. This scenario is far more common than someone from the street driving by and stealing packages.

What I Don't Get

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I live in Brighton and have a front stoop that is actually the designated hangout for some of the less functional customers from the nearby methadone clinic.
I've called UPS, Amazon, etc. numerous times to complain that their delivery personnel are:
A: Ringing every doorbell in the building to try to gain entry to the foyer
B: Leaving packages outside if that doesn't work

Now each time the customer service agent who I talk to agrees that the delivery personnel are supposed to only ring the one bell that the package belongs to. Then, if nobody answers, they are to leave a door tag and take the package back away again for a 2nd/3rd attempt before informing customer they have to come get the package. Our building management even put up signs on every door stating to NOT ring every bell, and to not leave packages outside.
Yet nothing has changed, and either I am acting as the defacto mail room for the building [with no re-compensation for said service] or the package thieves are having a heyday.


you shouldn't have to move.

Your landlord could install an outdoor parcel locker or a parcel drop in the door or wall.

You can sign up for online membership with UPS and FEDEX that allows some control over package delivery.

If Only People Wouldn't Order Things When Not Going To Be There

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A lock box seems like a silly expense when the more obvious answers are:

Tell the drivers if they don't do what they are supposed to do that they are fired.
It's like the drivers get dinged for bringing back packages for later delivery attempts or something - so that they have incentive not to follow their own policy.
Tell the customers if they want their stuff, they need to be home, or to get it delivered to their work.
Waive my condo fees and I will accept every package for the building and store them securely.

100% effective solution

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Get a PMB at a UPS store (formerly Mailbox etc), or other PMB. You get a street address that all carriers will deliver to.

Amazon: have deliveries dropped off at a nearby Amazon drop off location. I personally arrange prime deliveries for days I'll be home.

Final solution: Move.


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Amazon delivery just sucks.. their drivers are marked if they do not deliver a certain number of packages. So they just dump them.

I don't know ANYONE who hasn't had some sort of Amazon delivery package snarfu (that was delivered by Amazon directly). Even in an biz that has a reception desk it sucks.. we get packages just dumped in our elevator lobby. (When our front door is feet away).