Signal problems and some track work could make Red Line riders berserk

The MBTA reports delays of 20 to 30 minutes in both directions on the Red Line due to signals going on the fritz at North Quincy and track work at Wollaston.





The Dred Line

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Twenty minute delay not bad for the Dred Line. It takes twenty minutes to get out of the garage at Braintree station and it is easier getting out of Gillette stadium than the kiss and ride at Braintree station. The bus shuttle is pretty good if you are homeless or bored but the obstacle course at Quincy station is a mess with a single transit cop screwing up traffic.

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I guess it's affecting the Ashmont line too. I'm at Shawmut waiting for train. For 10 minutes the sign said Alewife train is arriving. Train did not arrive but the sign changed to 8 minutes. Hbxjin

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