Three-car Expressway crash sparks fire that fills air with smoke

Fire on the Expressway

Josh Jarmanning shows us the fire that resulted from three cars crashing on the northbound side of I-93, just past the gas tank around 12:15 p.m.

The smoke was visible for miles around, as Rob Littlefield shows us:

Expressway fire



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Bypassed it through South Boston to airport.

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Thankfully I decided to take the backroads through South Boston.
Traffic was shut down in both directions even as I made it up to
parallel the emergency vehicles.

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Passed the scene ...

On the northbound side before first responders had arrived. I'm calling it a four-car collision with the third one on fire, fully involved and spreading. Due to traffic both ways, it appeared to me that fire apparatus would have a difficult time getting there quickly. So, between collision damage and fire, I think all four vehicles will be total losses.

From the behavior of people at the scene, I think everyone got out OK.

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