Smoky loco in Hanson forces passenger evacuation


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Don't panic!

A strongly worded statement from the governor, and several locally elected officials, condemning this tragic event will fix the whole broken MBTA.


Even Sunday travel has become craptastic

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I went through five, FIVE, breakdowns yesterday to go from Boston to Dedham and back. Baker should fire his entire transportation wing and start anew

And of course on the replies to that tweet

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The pack of TV news ghouls, who would never do a story about the structural failures of the T or try to get an interview with Governor Popular and ask him why it just keeps getting worse and worse, but sure do love them some free footage of fire and angry passengers.


Remember when this was

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Remember when this was happening under Deval? Did the media give a shit then?

Why no they didn't.

Why would they care now?

You must have a very selective memory

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Because people sure were complaining about this under Patrick. Or have you forgotten how the Green Line used to have regular crashes and the Orange and Red Line tracks regularly burst into flames?


People complained. The media

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People complained. The media didn't care and still doesn't care because most of their suburban viewership drives.

"TV news ghouls"

is an awesome way to describe them, although the longer "TV infotainment ghouls" might be a bit more accurate.


Remember the hobby store at the Dedham Mall

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I can't remember the name, but I can remember how to get there. It was by the Friendly's entrance, but my mum never parked there. She parked over by the Stop and Shop, since we ended up picking up groceries on the way out, which means that I would hang a right at the Paperback Booksmith and go down that corridor. If you passed the Sears entrance on that side, you went too far.

Anyway, one of the things they sold there were model trains. I loved HO scale model trains. In fact, although I don't have a track setup, I still have some of the trains. One is an MBTA F40-PH, which is the type of locomotive involved in this incident. Wikipedia says they were received in 1987-88, but I swear I bought my model earlier, around 1983.

Long story short, the rolling stock is old, and with older rolling stock, incidents like this are not uncommon. Amtrak ordered a lot more of these, and they have all been retired (or repurposed as cab cars.)

The 40’s that the T has left

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The 40’s that the T has left are F40 modified’s meaning they are stretch 40’s with separate head end power units.
The original F40’s including the Amtrak ones you remember were from the late 70’s numbered 1000-1017 and were retired a few years back.
F40 modified 1025-1036 were put in service starting in 91 while 1050-1075 started in 87.
A overhaul is currently underway on the fleet:

The oldest F40s from 1978 and

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The oldest F40s from 1978 and 1980 have been retired while the ones from 1987-88 and 1991-93 continue in service, with 10 off in Boise getting a full rebuild.

Metra in Chicago continues to operate mostly F40s, some from 1977. If maintained well, they can continue to function well.

Note that a blown turbo, while smokey and exciting in appearance, is actually not that serious an issue.

For some reason

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Hobbytown seems to ring a bell for me.

I bought trains there, too, when I was younger, but loved it when the brand new Toys R Us superstore opened up down Route 1 near the Levitz Furniture.


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The locomotive isn't on fire. It's cosplaying as a steam engine.

Smoke doesn't always mean fire

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Detailed article elsewhere stated that it was a loose connection in the vicinity of the turbo charger. This caused some engine oil to spill on hot engine components resulting in smoke. Same thing can happen if a gasket blows in an automobile.