Somebody in Cambridge watches the Bachelor

Free rose for Lauren

Adatta02 was amused by this sign outside the Central Square Florist today.



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Now there's a show that makes

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Now there's a show that makes the dating scene look bad and full of emotionally unstable Barbies and Kens. Gotta luv Trash TV. The show is like a restaurant that is bad for you yet its ratings and followers remain stronger than hell.

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Are you single?

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Because the dating scene IS that bad in Boston, except the people are uglier and think they're smarter.

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No I"m not single. The last

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No I"m not single. The last time I was singlewas 1991 at the very end of the Big Hair Era (AKA the Big Hair Error) and I married my coworker. Good luck Boston singles. Learn how to smile and listen when you meet someone you like. People like people who listen rather than BLAH BLAH BLAH my job sucks my boss sucks negative negative negative. I feel bad for Boston singles who don't want to be single.

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