Sometimes, the workers at Boston's ISD just have to get down

Candy Girl Lip Sync

Led by Rizz, from New Edition. Also featuring the dancing stylings of Police Commissioner William Gross and Wally, with a very special guest appearance by Zdeno Chara.


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Keeping Us Safe

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I do have to say that ISD is my favorite city department. I only wish they had more power and manpower.

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for mayor 2020

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Women have come far!

Nice to see Jill Cox moving up the ladder....she can really play the game. She knows who should go to the front of the line. Daddy never has a problem getting immediate attention from ISD.

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Get back to work

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Good Grief.

Yes, I'm an old curmudgeon. And I absolutely hate this lip sync nonsense.

Please prove that all planning, rehearsals, and filming are done off the clock please. Otherwise don't do it.

And this isn't directed at ISD. The whole thing is out of hand.

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What does ISD mean? We have

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What does ISD mean? We have enough acronyms to keep track of, just spell it out

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