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South Boston restaurant cleared to re-open after fixing kitchen health issues

Amrheins closing sign

Amrheins sign last week. Photo by Liz Levy.

Amrheins on West Broadway got the OK from a city health inspector today to re-open after it fixed a series of violations found last week, including letting a food-handling employee ill with an infectious disease keep working in the kitchen.

A spokesperson for the Boston Public Health Commission declined to specify the illness, but said "there is no evidence at this time that indicates the community at-large is at-risk."

In an Oct. 19 inspection, the restaurant had also been cited for keeping salad fixings and bleu-cheese dressing too warm, workers not adequately washing their hands during their shifts and having a kitchen sink meant only for hand washing filled with pots.

Also, workers were keeping raw chicken next to raw shrimp and scallops, and the kitchen had flies flitting around, with a rear door open without a screen.

As one of the conditions for re-opening, the restaurant had to show a manager had undergone training in what to do when a food-handling employee shows up to work with a potentially communicable illness.

The restaurant property is currently for sale as a potential site for new development.

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I can't believe that place is still open! I was eating there almost 30 years ago....good god I'm old!

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people have been going there since 1890!!!

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I doubt they care much at this point since it's closing soon. What is management going to do, fire them?

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The owner supports everything.
Shame it could be closing
Our loss
40 year supporter and still am

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it appears the owner supports everything except food safety.

Amrheins is one of those places which makes South Boston South Boston - very sad to see it go. But I can never order food in there again.

Get ready for all the comments railing about yuppies and losing the old neighborhood - just remember this place chose its own fate.

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