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Sox fans not only ones on the edge of their seats last night

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But ridiculous that it started so late. I'm going to get no work done today at all... I couldn't believe it was over 4 hours. It felt like half that time.

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even with my contacts in. I just read

It felt like half that time

as "I felt like that at halftime"

But a pot of coffee is on and I'm ready to watch another one. Go Sox!

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That guy has long sounded like a lawnmower, revving up, cutting more grass at a higher pitched speed whine when he gets going.

Sounds like he hit a rock.

Can't stand listening to the guy, but I do hope that he was okay after that!

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... is a treasure. The broadcasts don’t really sync up like they used to, but I still mute the TV and listen on the radio every game.
I miss the Joe and Jerry Trupiano days (“Way back! WAY BACK... and caught ten feet from the warning track, inning over.”), and while I like Dave O’Brien co-calling games, Merloni, Neverett and Bradford... to be kind, make me appreciate Joe even more. My wife is West Indian and hates baseball, especially broadcast on the radio, but even she notices when Joe’s not calling - “where’s the OTHER guy?”
I was fortunate to take a broadcasting class at Northeastern taught by Castiglione (interned at The Broadsheet rather than ‘EEI, great timing for ‘04 and the digital tidal wave), and that’s one guy you want to take with on a road trip - stories for days from a real class act.
We’ll miss him when he retires. New Englanders are fortunate to have had so many great sportscasters through the decades.

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If you have a TiVo or the like, you can try pausing the video and see if you can get it synced up to the radio.

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