Spotty banana shortage hits Boston area

Right now, you can split Boston-area supermarkets into two groups: The bunch where they have plenty of bananas and the ones where, yes, they have no bananas.

Unseasonal weather in the banana-growing regions of Central America - colder and rainier than usual - have peeled back the normal supply of bananas, according to signs that have been warning Market Basket shoppers for a couple weeks now. A strike by Chiquita workers over health care costs in Honduras has also reduced supply.

Tonight, the banana shelves were completely bare at the Hyde Park Shaw's, but one correspondent let slip that the Chestnut Hill Star Market, owned by the same company, had plenty, as did the Coolidge Corner Trader Joe's.

The Roche Bros. in West Roxbury was running short, but the Hyde Park Stop & Shop had plenty, as did the South Bay Stop & Shop.


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Yesterday, they had plenty but there were VERY green still.

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I was in PA over the weekend.

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I was in PA over the weekend. They also have a banana shortage.
I've always heard that the Cavendish banana was one step from extinction. Maybe we should all get used to plantains...

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So, lets see if someone develops an app for that

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Is there an emoji of Carmen Miranda to overlay on a map, so an app can tell us if a store has bananas in stock ?

BTW, I am sure there is no such shortage of Bananas at the University of Maine, where that happens to be the name of their sports mascot.

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Market Basket's Official Reply

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I asked their twitter (@MarketBasket for those who don't follow them, which you should be), and I got this:

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