Steve the Squirrel seems to have gotten tired of all the tourists in the Public Garden

Steve the Squirrel

Maureen O'Hara reports that Steve the Blond Squirrel seems to have said nuts to the Public Garden and moved on down to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall between Berkeley and Clarendon.

Last year:
Steve in the Public Garden.


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Long Live Steve

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Missed the little fella all summer. Thought he had gone to the great acorn in the sky.

Nice to see s/he's ok (if it's the same great white squirrel).

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A tough year for the squirrels

Last year, there was a bumper crop of various squirrel food, so the population boomed. This year, things are lean, so they're running around trying to find food -- and getting slaughtered by the cars in large numbers.

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You know I read that same info about acorns, but my non-scientific assessment is that there are a ton of acorns laying around this year too. Every oak tree I bike past has a layer of nuts underneath.

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Either Steve is a quite the traveller

Or there's several blond squirrels around, as I've seen one in Kendall Square on a few occasions. I'd like to think it IS Steve, and he's learned to take the Red Line over the chuck to see his bougie Cambridge friends.

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