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Steve Wynn loses - state strips him of right to be involved in running of the casino that no longer bears his name

It might be a bit of a moot point now, given that Wynn Resorts has stripped Steve Wynn of his management responsibilities, but the Massachusetts Gaming Commission today formally stripped him of his right to be involved in management of the Everett casino that will now be called Encore Boston Harbor.

Technically, the commission did not ban him because of allegations he's a serial molester but because he no longer has any official ties to Wynn Resorts:

Mr. Wynn is no longer an officer or director of Wynn Resorts, Ltd., and accordingly, he can no longer exercise control or provide direction to Wynn MA, LLC or Wynn Resorts Ltd. in either of those capacities as a matter of law. Further, it is clear that Mr. Wynn no longer owns stock in Wynn Resorts Ltd., and, accordingly, at the conclusion of the next annual stockholders meeting, he can longer exercise control or provide direction in that capacity either.

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So this is the gambling commission saying that the rest of the people involved in covering up and lying about wynn will still be allowed to open their casino. So the message to future gambling companies is just lie in you application and there will be no consequences for the application or company, if caught.

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Encore (to what?) Boston (I mean, close by) Harbor (where?)

What's wrong with Mystic River Fleshpot? Let's call it what it is.

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25 years and counting that civilized people who want to play a few hands of blackjack against voluntary unfamiliar opponents have to drive 100 miles from Boston.

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