Stop me if you've heard this tale: Green Line moving like a snail

The MBTA reports "minor" delays on the Green Line inbound due to a signal problem between Copley and Arlington. Or as Pat from Boston put it at 8:51 a.m.:

Been stuck at Copley for 10 minutes. Apparently signals are out between Copley & Arlington. Ughhhh so much for my 9am meeting...




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Thank you as always, Adam,

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Thank you as always, Adam, for persistently reporting on these "minor" delays. Nobody in power seems to be paying attention, but the collective misery and dead weight loss of utility occasioned by our failing transit infrastructure adds up!

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Howse the infrastructure investment going?

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I was stuck there around 20 minutes. I feel like Pat from Boston was on my train because there was a lot of sighing, grunting and muttering from someone.

Just think about all that Amazon money for train improvements though!!!!!

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As opposed to normal Green Line service, which moves like a turtle.

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