The street at the end of Boston is a dump

Stuff dumped on Meadow Road in Hyde Park

Quincy's Mom drove down Meadow Road and was amazed/appalled at how much trash has been dumped along it.

The road off Neponset Valley Parkway has amazing views of the Great Blue Hill and Fowl Meadow as it heads to the southernmost point in the city of Boston, at the old Stop & Shop warehouse complex where Boston, Dedham and Milton meet.

A Hyde Park resident, Jim Lafond-Lewis, has been walking the road with trash bags, doing what he can, in the absence of any apparent trash removal by either the city or the businesses that now occupy the warehouse complex.

At first, I didn't set out to clean the road. As a photographer, Fowl Meadow caught my imagination and so one winter I was spending a fair amount of time on Meadow Road trying to capture the splendid light and variety of textures and colors there. As the snow melted, the beauty took on a new renewed, but lots and lots of trash emerged, so much that I had to move it to get the photo I wanted. It was in that precise moment that I realized, this meadow gives me its beauty, I am going to give it my care in return.



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Ask the city to clean it up

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They can open trash bags and try to find who's dumping.

They should have protective gear and training, to protect from sharps and biohazards.

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Stupid mistake fixed.

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