Suspect in Roslindale house break found several blocks away, under a table in the basement of another house

UPDATE: Boston Police identify the suspect as Marvin Dumay, 30, of Hyde Park.

An officer responding to a report of a break-in at a house on Brown Avenue just off Cummins Highway around 10:15 a.m. spotted the suspect, who spotted the cop and began to run.

Police chased the guy - who dropped an iPad and phone along the way - to a house on Cliffmont Street, midway between Canterbury and Grew, where they lost sight of him but noticed what appeared to be a freshly broken-open door. They set up a perimeter and brought in a tracking dog, who found him under a table in the basement of the house.




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Fantastic job BPD...

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Fantastic job BPD - Glad you got this criminal off of our Rozzie Streets. Pretty brazen to break into two homes in broad daylight. Now let's hope the courts do their job as well.

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