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SUV driver injured in West Roxbury Parkway rollover

West Roxbury Parkway rollover

A driver managed to roll his SUV over on West Roxbury Parkway just north of Washington Street around 1 p.m. B2 Beighlie, who came upon the scene and got pictures, reports the driver was walking around afterwards.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters got him out of the SUV and EMTs then took him to a local hospital for treatment of injuries not considered life threatening.

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What does this city have against enforcing speeding and other traffic laws?

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It’s the jurisdiction of the State Police, so the state would be enforcing laws here.

As an aside, I saw the aftermath of this.

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I did as well. Just glad the driver was ok.

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I hope he didn't drop his phone

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If the State Troupers patroled the West Roxbury and VFW Parkways they would write hundreds of violation tickets a day. Seems no one ever stops for red lights.
I drive these roads everyday and never see a police car. Buckle up because it’s like the Indy 500!

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I stay off the parkway

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