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Swampscott man charged with raping two women at gunpoint after he'd picked them up in his car in Boston

Joseph Losano, 51, is scheduled for arraignment on two counts of rape in Roxbury Municipal Court tomorrow, Boston Police report.

Police offered few details except that the alleged rapes were of two different women in two different incidents and that Losano "is accused of taking victims into his vehicle and later sexually assaulting them at gunpoint."

That he is being arraigned in Roxbury court means the alleged crimes took place in either Roxbury or some adjoining blocks in Jamaica Plain or Mission Hill.

Innocent, etc.

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  1. Nice work Boston PD. Thank you.
  2. Hope the victims get the support they need.
  3. Hope Lasano is never free again.
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When will men leave women alone. We are DONE with the abuse.

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