Swans make annual return to the Public Garden

Swan Boat components awaiting assembly in Boston Public Garden

Look what Charley A spotted in the Public Garden this morning.


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Yes, opening day is Saturday, and it looks like we'll actually have a nice day for it!

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The important question

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Is the ice cream truck at the corner of Boylston and Arlington back?

Seriously, for an area that sees so many tourists, this part of town is a real ice cream wasteland.

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Y'all could do with some laser treatments for those neck wattles.

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Oh great

Now they will eat all the grass and leave giant poops everywhere.

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OK, I gotta ask

Do they ever have races in these things?

I mean, they have to. It's human nature. Any time you have two or more people on some mode of transportation, they are destined to have a race, sanctioned or otherwise.

Any employees/ex-employees have any info?

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