T adds some extra morning service on some bus lines

The MBTA this week added some additional buses on weekday mornings to to the 16, 19, 31, 32, 65, 70, 104, 109 and 455 routes.

The 109, 117 and 455 routes get some extra service on Saturday mornings; the 31, 109 and 455 on Sundays.



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Hopefully dedicated bus lanes are coming soon.

We can surely use them in South Boston and the South End. I am sure the politicians are working hard to get them set up.

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Wrong place

The silver line needs dedicated and enforced bus lanes in Downtown, far more than along Washington, because that's where the majority of delays and congestion are. But change parking to bus lanes and people act like you're going to starve their children.

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That's because you are, literally!1!one

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Parallel parking on busy streets is the devil's handiwork.

Now if the city were actually serious about relieving congestion, they'd dump the parallel parking, put in bus lanes, give bikes their own traffic lights and start writing tickets to idiots on two wheels for weaving in and out of traffic, and put in garages every few blocks to put back those parking spaces.

But not only does that have the benefit of being more expensive, it has the added benefit of pissing off even more people who seem to think they have veto power over any piece of infrastructure that goes in around here.

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Hey, wait ...

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Doesn't it run out on Rt. 34?

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