Tank's a lot

Dorchester gas tank from the air

After a week away, Chelsea's own Matt Frank winged back into Logan yesterday. He shows the great view of Dorchester he got as the plane was getting ready to land.


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I can see your house from here!

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why Morrissey Boulevard floods at high tides.

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Great photo

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Jumped off that bridge for many summers.

Surprising whatever the current-utility-name is hasn't sold that property for development. Ships don't dock there to deliver the gas so it seems they could find another spot and sell the land.

(Preemptive note: Yes, I know sea levels are rising. This is prime real estate. They can build for that eventuality and still make a killing.

Think seawalls and pumps and buildings with open ground floor plazas except for protected core stacks. Utilities well above ground floor.)

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The utility is National Grid,

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The utility is National Grid, and that tank is critical to keeping gas flowing to Boston in the winter. There is no way they would ever be able to site a new tank in the downtown Boston core, so that tank is likely there for the foreseeable future.

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The Gas Company Has Owned That Site Since the 1880's

They are not going anywhere and they have been doing a lot of work there recently beyond the solar panels.

I can't find them online but someone actually went up in a tethered balloon in the 1880's or 1890's and took photos of the neighborhood that was there before the tank.

It was a collection of Federal Homes like you would see in Salem, only more spread out.

Here is a painting of the area from the perspective from roughly Mother's Rest on Washington Street.


Here is a map of the point from about 1850. The tracks are still there in the same place.


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Thanks for links, John

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Are you from Savin Hill? Went to BLA with some Costellos.

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No - Sorry, Ashmont

Only Costellos I'm related to here are second cousins who have been in Norwood since the 1890's

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